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Membership Information

What is the Membership Program?

The Mene Hotels membership program is designed to offer discounts and privileged services to guests who become members of Mene Hotels through our website and call center for individual reservations.

How to Join the Membership Program?

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up through the "Sign Up" section on our website at After registering, you can start benefiting from exclusive prices and advantages by logging in as a member. The membership program is valid only for reservations made through our website and call center.

Advantages of the Membership Program

Simply by becoming a member, you'll receive additional discounts. Once you're part of our membership program, special discounts will automatically be applied to all your reservations made through our website or call center. You can stay updated on current benefits or special offers through our "OFFERS" page.

How to Sign Up

  1. Fill in the required information in the registration section.

  2. Click on the link sent to your email to confirm your membership.

  3. Log in as a member and fill in all the requested information in the "Membership Settings" section.

  4. Make sure all information in the Membership Settings section is correct, as changes cannot be made after saving the information.

  5. After completing the Membership Settings section, enjoy your exclusive advantages.

Exclusive Benefits for Members

  • Access our advantageous prices simply by logging in as a member. All prices will be shown to you exclusively after logging in.

  • Each stay made through our website or call center with member login will provide you with an additional discount for your next reservation.

  • Enjoy all the benefits automatically with just a member login.

  • Be the first to know about additional discounts and special advantages during specific periods.

  • Easily manage your reservations.

  • Make requests tailored to your personal preferences.

  • Receive exclusive offers customized according to your usage and preferences.

Membership Stay Offers Additional Discount for Your Next Reservation

Once you complete your membership registration and fill in the Membership Settings section in full, our system will record all your new reservations. After your stay, the system will register you as a "Frequent Guest" and offer you an additional discount for your next reservation.

Profile Menu Introduction

  • My Information: This page contains your general information.

  • My Reservations: After becoming a member, this page will display all the reservations you made through our website and call center.

  • Payment and Cancellation Policy: This page provides information on payment methods and cancellation/change options related to reservation types made through our website and call center.

  • Membership Benefits: You are currently on this page. Here, you can find details about the membership program.

  • My Deals: This page allows you to track all current campaigns and special discounts.

  • Reservation and Hotel Rules: You can find all the necessary rules and terms related to our facilities on this page.

  • Profile Settings: This is where you define your personal information. Once you define your information, changes are not possible.

  • Help & Support: This is the page where you can submit all your questions and feedback for a quick response.

For all your questions or requests, please send an email to

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Mene Hotels

Become a member now and enjoy the privileges to benefit from the special advantages of Mene Hotels Members and catch special offers

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