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Located right in the centre of Antalya, in the Işıklar district, Mene City Hotel is an ideal starting point for exploring the rich history, cultural treasures and natural beauties of the city. Offering easy access to every region with its central location, our hotel promises a comfortable and unforgettable travel experience. Enjoy the privilege of being within walking distance to Antalya's glamorous beaches, historic Kaleici and shopping streets. Mene City Hotel offers a perfect accommodation experience for both business and leisure travellers. Choose Mene City Hotel for a unique stay in the charming atmosphere of Antalya!


Kaleici: A Walk Among the Touches of History

Kaleiçi, the historical centre of Antalya, offers unforgettable moments to visitors with its narrow streets, historical houses and colourful shops. It is famous for its historical buildings such as Hadrian's Gate, Yivli Minaret and Kesik Minaret. Spending a day in Kaleiçi is one of the best ways to experience the rich history and culture of Antalya.

Antalya Museum: The Meeting Point of History and Art

Antalya Museum is a world-famous museum exhibiting the archaeological riches of the region. In addition to artefacts from the Lycian, Roman and Byzantine periods, important historical remains excavated from the region await visitors in this museum. The museum also hosts various cultural events.

Antalya Falezler: Hidden Paradise of the Mediterranean

One of the unique beauties of Antalya is undoubtedly the Falezler region. This magnificent coastline offers both a visual feast and unforgettable moments to visitors with its steep surfaces of limestone cliffs and crystal clear beaches hidden underneath.

Mermerli Beach: A Calm Spot Next to Kaleici

Mermerli Beach is located just outside Kaleici, adjacent to Mermerli Park. This small but lovely beach offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere, despite being so close to the city centre. While lounging on your sun lounger, you can also observe the view of Antalya's historic Kaleiçi.

Karaalioglu Park Antalya's Green Paradise

Located in the centre of Antalya, just outside Kaleici, Karaalioglu Park is one of the largest and oldest parks in the city. This large green area is a favourite place for both locals and tourists to relax, take a walk and enjoy nature. Karaalioğlu Park offers magnificent views of the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The historical Hıdırlık Tower, located in the park, is a building dating from the Roman period, from which it is possible to watch panoramic views of Antalya.

Hadrian's Gate The Historical Entrance of Antalya

Hadrian's Gate (Üçkapılar), one of the most important historical buildings of Antalya, is located in the heart of the city and carries the secrets of the past to the present. Built in 130 AD to commemorate the visit of Roman Emperor Hadrianus to the city, this magnificent structure is an indispensable stop for those who want to explore the history and culture of Antalya. After passing through the gate, you can take a walk through the historical streets of Kaleiçi, taste local delicacies and take a break in the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This historical gate is an ideal place to witness the rich past of Antalya and breathe in the cultural atmosphere of the city.

Kaleici Marina: Antalya's Historical and Modern Meeting Point

Kaleiçi Marina, located within the borders of Antalya Kaleiçi, is a popular destination for both locals and visitors from around the world with its historical texture and modern marina facilities. This special harbour, where the sea and history are intertwined, offers unforgettable experiences to visitors. A day at Kaleiçi Marina can start with historical discoveries and end with a pleasant meal by the sea. You can take a walk accompanied by the impressive view of the harbour, discover the handicrafts of local artists and end the day with a glass of wine against the cool waters of the Mediterranean.

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