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Mene City Hotel | Pet Friendly Hotel

Mene City Hotel brings together its guests and their cute friends under the same roof with its pet-friendly concept. Our hotel, which is an ideal choice for those who want to have a holiday with their little friends, is located in Muratpaşa, the city centre of Antalya, in a perfect location for both business trips and touristic trips. Mene City Hotel, which offers a comfortable and safe accommodation experience with your cute friends, gives you the opportunity to travel without leaving your cute friends. In the central location of Antalya, all details have been carefully considered for you to have a peaceful holiday with your valuable friends.

Mene City Hotel, where you will accumulate unforgettable memories for both you and your lovely friends, sees your pets as a part of your family and cares about them as much as you do.

Mene City Hotel, which stands out among pet-friendly hotels, offers you the opportunity to travel with your lovely friends. While staying in our hotel, you can relax comfortably in our rooms and discover the beauties of Antalya with your lovely friends. Located in a location where you can easily reach the magnificent beaches, tourist attractions and shopping centres of Antalya, Mene City Hotel offers you the pleasure of spending your holiday with your lovely friends. In addition, thanks to the central location of our hotel, you can easily reach everywhere during your business trips and have a comfortable and efficient accommodation experience.

We will be happy to welcome you and your lovely friends in our comfortable and pet-safe environment. Mene City Hotel, which will end your search for a pet-friendly hotel in Antalya, aims to provide you with the best service by always prioritising guest satisfaction.

You can bring pets to our hotel

Mene City Hotel, as a pet-friendly hotel, offers you the pleasure of spending your holiday with your lovely friends. Enjoy a peaceful holiday with your pets in our comfortable hotel.

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